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African Soliflore Jasmine


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African Soliflore Jasmine is a perfume that remains true to the flower, while also considering the environment surrounding the bloom.  The scent of the floral oil first released from the white flowers is that of a fresh green note. Closer to the flower is the sweet heart scent, feminine and light while still fresh. The fragrance continues with verdant green lime blossom, a subtle spice of black pepper and basil. The heart of fresh floral slowly dries down to a resinous skin-like base with ambergris and Ethiopian opoponax.


Pure Parfum – The most decadent method of perfumery is this liquid extract form. Containing the highest percentage of organic and natural raw materials. Natural perfume appreciates with age. Housed in a hand-blown glass flacon. Apply with glass stopper to pulse points on neck, wrists and breast.


Shea Butter – An intense nourishing body butter. This natural salve, extracted from tree nuts has indispensable moisturising properties due to concentrated beneficial unsaponifiables. Apply Shea for overnight repair, or enhanced skin elasticity in preparation for the day. Housed in handmade porcelain or Tamboti wood. A “keep me forever” canister.


Parfum Solide – The fragrance is captured in beeswax. Choose between handmade sustainable African Blackwood compact or in a Protea porcelain egg. Perfectly suited for international travel and during-day application. For nomadic life and the executive handbag.



Pure Parfum, Parfum Solide (African Blackwood), Parfum Solide (Protea Porcelain), Shea Butter (Tamboti wood), Shea Butter (Protea Porcelain)

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