Frazer Parfum

CHAPTER 6mint and patchouliInspired by:

A chypre. Green tea tannins and mint envelop this scent to create camphorated cool. Followed quickly by island frangipani flowers and steam distilled earthy fresh ginger. Delicately culminating in rich deep, while bright, ylang ylang flowers and patchouli leaves. A silent earthy impression with notes of moss. I think of the sun filtering through forest leaves on a breeze and prisms of light refracted.

The Spice Route is one of history's greatest anomalies: shrouded in mystery, it existed long before anyone knew of its extent or configuration. Spices came from lands unseen, possibly uninhabitable, and almost by definition unattainable; that was what made them so desirable.

Yet more livelihoods depended on this pungent traffic, more nations participated in it, more wars were fought for it, and more discoveries resulted from it than from any other global exchange.

Ancient Egyptians pioneered maritime trade to fetch the incense of Arabia, Graeco-Roman navigators found their way to India for pepper and ginger, Columbus sailed west for spices, de Gama, sailed east for them, and Magellan sailed across the Pacific on the exact same quest.


Each 22g haute parfum is presented in a hand blown glass flacon crafted by renowned glass artist David Reade of Worcester South Africa. Form function and design meet ceremoniously. The glass dropper tightens to securely close. The opaque well purposefully protects the precious liquid from light. Swathed in French seamed silk couture and presented in a cotton paper box.

The most decadent 18th century traditional method of perfumery is handmade in the liquid extract form. Containing the highest percentage of organic and natural raw materials preserved in pure cane sugar alcohol. Natural perfume appreciates with age.

The most lasting and intense means of perfuming oneself requires precision and discretion. It should be dabbed on the pulse points (where the pulse of the heartbeat is closest to the skin) i.e. the base of the throat, behind the ear lobes, between the breasts, the underside of the wrists and behind the knees. Hair is a wonderful captor of odors and one drop applied to the roots is sufficient to create a trail. The extract is effective for 6 hours.