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• 100% Natural – not adulterated by synthetic constituents or mineral oils.
• 100% Pure – not mixed with other fatty oils.
• 100% Unaltered – not discoloured, peroxidised or rectified.
Frazer Parfum oils are rare and, inevitably, more costly – but this is fully justified by their quality. The following information is always mentioned: the certified botanical species (Latin denomination) and the distilled organ of the plant.
This shows the conscientiousness of Frazer Parfum in seeking out only the highest quality botanicals.

Natural & Organic

Frazer Parfum does not use any synthetic molecules or chemicals and in no way are any of the raw materials tested on animals. The palette consists of rare absolutes, concretes and resins coupled with chemotyped essential oils, petals, woods, roots, grass and zest.
• 100% vegetal
• All natural and biodegradable
• No animal testing
• No genetically modified material
• No herbicides
• No paraffin
• No pesticides
• No petroleum
• No synthetic material
• No toxic material

African Luxury

All facets of the range have been handmade by leading African artists to aid industry development of local fine art, culture, design and entrepreneurship. Frazer Parfum is in support of the Mezembite Forest Centre. Frazer Parfum is committed to the cultures of Africa while consistently challenging the boundaries within a developing continent to enact change by raising awareness. Frazer Parfum is motivated to be a regarded industry leader within the international arena for its inventions and business acumen.
Patrimony has been reinterpreted in a spirit of constant innovation while playing upon the perfection of ancient forms, the alchemy of fragrances and the art of the senses. Seeking out opportunity to positively change attitudes within Africa by influencing others to be like-mindedly conscious with daily attention to hold respect for others and for the environment as well as the incessant research for quality is incarnated in Frazer Parfum. Frazer Parfum remains connected to the source and means of production. Championing craft, the development of skill and heritage.
Luxury is not about fashion or purchases bought on a whim. It is about longevity. It is not about disposability, nor about throwing away. It is about cherishing, nurturing workmanship, beauty, traditions – and it is about appreciation. Frazer Parfum opts for classic luxury that is unique and exclusive with exquisite artistic design, craftsmanship and quality delivered with personal service.


Sustainability is measured by three principles. Considering the society we live in while doing business is Frazer Parfum’s premise to doing business better. Understanding the local climate and the people within our rich tapestry of Africa positions Frazer Parfum deliberately at the grassroots of our society. While engaging in the upliftment of farmers, up and coming designers, entrepreneurs and fine artist.
Our environment depends on us as much as we depend on it. It is Frazer Parfum’s view to promote the responsible farming of essential oils in accordance with conservation. In doing so we believe keeping rare perfume raw materials in vogue will promote the precious nature of their existence and educate people on responsible practice. The local economy of South Africa is entrusted to the people who commit to investing in opportunity within the climate. Frazer Parfum promotes this commitment as proudly South African by ensuring our products are locally made.


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