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There are six fragrances in the African Collection. Each fragrance is inspired by perfume raw materials sourced on the African continent. These fragrances capture the climes of Africa, from the rich florals of plains and grassland, through woody notes from her forests, to the subtle resins found in hardy desert regions. There are two complex fragrances inspired by Africa, and four Soliflore scents, inspired by the intricate purity of flowers in Africa.

All facets of the African Collection range  have been handmade by leading African artisans to aid industry development of local fine art, culture, design & entrepreneurship. Frazer Parfum remains connected to the source and means of production. Championing craft, the development of skill and heritage. Luxury is not about fashion or purchases bought on a whim. It is about longevity. Luxury is never about disposability. It is about cherishing and nurturing workmanship, beauty, traditions – and it is about appreciation. Frazer Parfum opts for classic luxury that is unique and exclusive with exquisite artistic design, craftsmanship and quality delivered with personal service.