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Frazer Parfum creates organic and natural perfume products, handcrafted while collaborating with local artists. Founded in 2008, “each perfume is composed at a particular time in my life inspired by expeditions traveling to the source of the raw materials”. Tammy Violet Frazer, perfumer, who works only with the finest quality raw materials celebrates art and design while spearheading African luxury. Tammy is the granddaughter of Graham Wulff, inventor of Oil of Olay. Following in his footsteps single-handedly launched her personally handmade perfumes in eclectic retail environments in Europe, North America, UK, Ukraine, Oceania, Nigeria and South Africa. Discovering the arts, Tammy’s exploration of scent portraiture, “Skin Portraits”, was catalogued as the first-ever scent “novella” at the Smithsonian Museum of African Art.